My experience with Toptal – 5 month review

It’s been I while since I’ve last posted here, but you can be sure that there is a good reason for it now. For the past 5 months, I’ve been working for Toptal and I really need to share my experience.


First of all, Toptal is a marketplace for top developers and top companies as stated on their home page, and they pretty much stand by that. To enter the network, as a developer, you have to pass their 4 level tests and interviews, starting from a simple English test – interview, BeatMyCode or Codility challenge, followed by a one-on-one test interview with a senior developer from the network, and ending with a full application development which later is reviewed by Toptal engineers. It’s a fun and challenging process, and I’m glad to have passed it.

After the initialization process is over, you can create your public profile, which stands as your CV, and start browsing the jobs feed with positions chosen for you (of course you can browse and search through all the job postings.) Here’s the great part – you can’t find a company that wants to build the next Facebook in just 2 weeks, with a budget that can only cover the coffee expenses. The companies are also interviewed and carefully filtered by Toptal recruiters, so we only get the best. Startups that are in need of great developers to create the next big thing, big companies that want to expand their existing development teams, tech savvy entrepreneurs with big ideas and understanding. And since I’ve entered the network as part of a Toptal talent partner, I don’t even have to worry about the bureaucracy of payment, which is handled by my employing company. All I can say is that the paychecks are large enough, and on time.

The best part? You always get to work with the latest technologies and tools, to build the perfect product. You can almost forget about supporting 10 year old devices/browsers and libraries. The quest for knowledge is what motivates us to do great things. Since I’ve started working, I’ve been part of 3 projects, for all of which I can tell this same story.

Overall, a great community, with great opportunities. I do recommend you give it a go…